Community Chandelier Fundraiser


A Successful Evening!


A sincere Thank You!

to all of you that donated your time and talents to making this a fabulous event.



Kate Shaw & Michael Wolf

Event Assistance:

Cathy Dalton from Marketingworks


Giovanna Tanzillo from Uptown Body & Fender

Margaret Riesen from The Vegetarian Gourmet

Lisa Cannelora from Cucina di Cannelora

Justine Kelley from The Slanted Door


Chucky Dugo from The Slanted Door


Lane Ford from Bar Agricole

Manjula Martin from The Slanted Door

Tea Service:

Jeni Quigg from SKYTea


Ted Saxon from The Slanted Door


Nancy Rothstein from Nancy Rothstein Photography



Community Chandelier



I have recently been handed an opportunity to present my art and craft to a larger audience.

I was offered space in a top San Francisco showroom, Coup d’Etat, to hang an electrified version of the chandelier you see above. It was a large undertaking to create the first one and this next one is no less so.


This is going to be a Community Chandelier.


It is my goal to have this piece funded by my community; for once it has finished it’s time at the showroom, I am donating it to a community space, to be enjoyed by you and many others.


Do you want to own a piece of this community chandelier?


Do you know of a community space where you would love to see this chandelier hanging?

We’re accepting submissions now.



Chandelier Donors

A big Thank You to the community!

We have raised $9,161.00 to date.

Here are some of the people who have made this project possible:

Alexandra Conroy
Andrew & Esther Kyte
Andrew James Gregor
Andy Kuncl
Angela Baker
Arthur Lapies
Betty Phan
Brad and Donna Van Every
Brenda Arnold
Carla Hall
Cathy Dalton
Christina Donley
Dale Marie Golden
Darcey Swanson
Darrell and Rosalind Hall
David Battenfield
David Williams
Debbie Phan
Di and Annie
Diane & John Schrage
DiAnn Montemayor
Felix and Anna Hurst Schmitt
George Gantzer & Beth Albright
Giovanna Tanzillo
Hilary and Yu-Shen
Jack & Dootsie Breininger
Jason Swartz
Jayson Hill
Jayson Jaynes
Jeannie & Jeff Anderson
Jeff Breininger
Jeff Raymond
Jennifer & Chris Brahm
Jennifer and Felix Baum
Jennifer Maria Harris
Jessica Spurling
Jillian Loh
Jim Austin and Anna Geyer
Joey Brite
John Moldover
John Porter
Julia Whelan
Justin Stoddard
Karen Kartch and Rima Goldman
Kate & Michael Shaw
Kathleen Cook & Tony Kenck
Kelley Flynn Interior Design
Kevin Carter
Kim Phan and Santino
Kori Martodam
Kristen Green
Lily Dang
Linda Walker
Liran Luger
Lisa Cannelora
Lisa Fravel
Lisa Perry
Lori Solay Falkell and Phillip Falkell
Luca and Jennifer Rattazzi
Margaret Riesen
Marian Reynov
Matt Erikson
Mike Kennan
Pat O’Neill
Peggy Bush
Platypus Painting, Inc.
Robin Barnett
Ross Turner
Samuel Spurrier
Sarah Josief
Standout Presentations
Susan K Siep


$6,000 to go.


We still need your help!